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What is the option when you have a damaged tooth? Just pluck it out or is there is any other way out to it? How do you repair it? The answer to it is dental fillings. It is a kind of restoration treatment offered in dentistry where the ruined tooth can be repaired to a great extent. The functioning and the structure of the tooth are restored. The missing tooth structure is retrieved.Best dentist in bangladesh dr.ruhan entire process is carried out by restoring the dental implants. The damage could be in the form of tooth decay or it could be damaged surface of your teeth or it could be minor tooth fractures.

The materials which are used in dental fillings are usually porcelain, mercury, glass ionomer and resin in some cases. Resin or composite is usually mixture of acrylic resin and grinned glass kind of material. Used for dental filling, it generally acts as self hardening material.Best dentist in bangladesh dr.ruhan Composite is used in the cases when there a broken chip or broken tooth is to be repaired. The basic advantage of composite or resin is that the filling matches the colour of the shade so it is all good at the end of the day and this is the reason it is can be used front and back of the teeth. Few disadvantages could be the durability of composite filling is lesser than other fillings and is more time consuming than the others.

The ceramic or the porcelain filling material is used in inlays, onlays, certain cosmetic veneers and crowns. Best dentist in bangladesh dr.ruhan ceramic is mixed with metal is also used to increase the durability. The basic advantage of the ceramic or porcelain filling is there is no allergic reaction due to this filling which is very profuse in other kinds of fillings. It is more resistant to leakage and surface wear. While the filling is done a very little amount of tooth loss occurs. So the ceramic filling which is indirect restoration form of dental filling is more prevalent in dentistry. The disadvantage would be the high cost occurrence and breakage when prone to high force.

Another oldest form of dental filling is amalgam filling which requires the mixture of mercury in the lead along with other metals like silver, copper and tin alike materials. The best dentist in bangladesh dr.ruhan amalgam filling is known as silver filling because of the colour it gives to your teeth after filling and this kind of filling is more preferred for the back teeth than the frontals. It is usually used because it is more durable than the others and the least expensive of the all. It is children friendly form of filling. The disadvantages however, outweigh the advantages which have led people to start mercury less filling. The best dentist in bangladesh dr.ruhan amalgam scrap which is left after the cavity contains mercury which is not environment friendly. Another reason why it is not preferred these days is, mercury is a poisonous element-more harmful than lead or arsenic. The mercury fillings are observed to release mercury vapor into the body constantly throughout the day.

The Best dentist in bangladesh dr.ruhan cost of the dental fillings usually varies with the material which is being used and the dentist who is performing the job. Aesthetics dentistry, a dentist in Hatfield, Hertfordshire provides an excellent service when it comes to applying dental fillings or other cosmetic dentistry procedures. Now, My vission is to become the best dentist in Bangladesh.